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Welcome to the 2020 MCA Conference Planning Site!

We are pleased to announce a "Call for Proposals" for both recorded and live webinar sessions! Submit by June 1st!

Please check here monthly as we confirm specific dates and details.  Our planning committee meets on the 15th of every month and this website will be updated accordingly to help you plan your own proposals and event calendar. 

Our theme for our 2020 virtual conference will be "Cultivating Growth" with a focus on how we might help this process for:

  • our clients,
  • counselors-in-training,
  • counselor educators,
  • students,
  • licensed counselors, and
  • our community at large 


We will "kick-off" this conference with the availability of One (1) hour recorded webinars that will be extended beyond the live schedule for the conference to provide participants with flexibility in receiving 20 CEs beyond the actual October 9-10,2020 dates. 

Live webinars, vendors, and networking events will be scheduled between 9 AM and 6 PM on October 9-10, 2020.

This hybrid idea will also provide presenters with the opportunity to record their session if they are unable to attend the in-person part of the conference.  Please submit your proposal before June 1st!


One way you can participate is to look for our fundraising campaign items that will be on sale each month to promote the conference.  For May-June we have started with a women's racer-back tshirt as an option.  These shirts are available in a wide range of sizes and will ship in June with enough participants. 


It was previously our hope to host this conference in the Baltimore City inner harbor but the COVID-19 national crisis has brought too many uncertainties for us to continue with that plan.

This plan is ambitious and exciting so we hope you will keep these dates on your calendar and look forward to the innovative ways that we will be bringing interactive content to you via Zoom and other technology. 

If you have interest in working on the conference planning committee please send President-elect Carol ZA McGinnis PhD, LCPC, BC-TMH, NCC and email at cmcginnis@messiah.edu.

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