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Research on multicultural training - clinical mental health counseling student participants needed!

Dear Participant,

My name is Amanda White and I am an Assistant Professor of Counseling at Indiana State University.  I am working with a clinical mental health counseling student Sara Martin, here at Indiana State University.  We are wanting to conduct research on factors that influence perceived level of multicultural competence from a students’ perspective.

We are asking that you send our inventories as well as demographic questionnaire via email to your students in the clinical mental health counseling program.  There is an informed consent as well as confidentiality form attached to the qualtrics survey that students can fill out and decide whether or not to participate before they begin.  This study should take no more than thirty minutes of the students’ time.  They are also able to decide to not participate in the study at any time during the inventory process.  

The inventories that we will be asking your students to complete are listed below. 

California Brief MC Competence Scale (CBMCS)

Supervisor Multicultural Competence Inventory (SMCI)

Multicultural Training Experience Questionnaire

Intergroup Contact Scale

The link to our qualtrics survey that we are asking you to send out to your clinical mental health counseling students is as follows:


We appreciate your time and consideration in assisting us with our research. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Amanda White at 812-237-8318 or and



 Amanda White Ph.D., LMHC                                                Sara Martin, B.S.
Assistant Professor of Counseling                                          CMHC Student
Indiana State University                                                         Indiana State University

Maryland Counseling Association

5430 Campbell Blvd., Suite 113

White Marsh, MD 21162


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