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Welcome to MASERVIC!                      

Maryland Association of Spiritual, Ethical, & Religious Values in Counseling                  

MASERVIC is a division of the Maryland Counseling Association (MCA) with the mission of our national organization:

"ASERVIC is an organization of counselors and human development professionals who believe spiritual, ethical, and religious values are essential to the overall development of the person and are committed to integrating these values into the counseling process."

Counseling professionals, students, clients, and the general public are invited to use this website for resources and engagement on the topic of spiritual, ethical, and religious values as they impact, influence, and inform professional and personal development. 

This exchange of perspective has the potential for intense thoughts and feelings that can, at times, feel distancing.  All effort will be made to honor and respect individual differences and we hope that you will find a welcome and supportive  community here.

Please feel free to engage in the discussion board and offer your opinion on topics as they are presented in the spirit of learning and understanding.

All images were obtained from the Pixabay creative commons website with no attributions necessary.  These images are meant to reflect universal symbols often correlated with spirituality, ethics, and religious values.

We have been quite active this past year with two workshops and two webinars.  If you missed the "May the 4th Be With You Past President Webinar" please find a recording of this meeting here

Past Presidents: Karol Taylor, Christian Chan, and Stephanie Dailey provided rich, detailed answers to some very difficult questions that are relevant to counseling today.  Please enjoy this recording at your leisure. 

Honorees from the 2019 MCA Awards Banquet hosted by MASERVIC:

  • 1.      MCA Emeritus Award: Dr. Marsha Riggio
  • 2.      Past President AwardChristian Chan
  • 3.      MCA Lifetime Achievement Award: Karol Taylor
  • 4.      MCA Presidential Award: Shannon Kakkar
  • 5.      MCA Outstanding Organization Award: Michelle Chaney
  • 6.      MCA Outstanding Organization Award Honorable Mention: Dr. Chioma Anah
  • 7.      MCA Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Monica Billerbeck
  • 8.      MCA Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Rachel Stivers
  • 9.      MCA Diversity Achievement Award: Dr. Cynthia Greer
  • 10.  MCA Diversity Achievement Honorable Mention Award: Kerri Legette McCullough
  • 11.  MCA Diversity Achievement Honorable Mention Award: Lia Bostian
  • 12.  MCA Outstanding Professional Award: Dr. Janelle Bettis
  • 13.  MCA Outstanding Professional Honorable Mention Award: Dr. Sara Pula
  • 14.  MCA Outstanding Professional Honorable Mention Award: Dr. Melissa Wheeler
  • 15.  MCA Outstanding Professional Honorable Mention Award: Dr. Eunice Humphrey
  • 16.  MCA Division Revitalization Award:  Dr. Carol ZA McGinnis
  • 17.  MCA All Star Award:Perri Hooper

Check here for upcoming events!

Interested in reading the MASERVIC President's blogCurrent topics and pertinent research will be shared on a regular basis.  

MASERVIC also hosted the MCA Awards Banquet on May 4th held at Ted's Montana Grill in Gaithersburg where honorees enjoyed light fare and professional recognition for work well done.  Please find a montage of these honorees below:

2020/2021 MASERVIC President: Maya Georgieva, Ed. D., LCPC

MASERVIC Secretary: Michael Dickson

MASERVIC Treasurer: Stacey Morgan

2018/2019 MASERVIC President: Dr. Carol McGinnis (MASERVIC@MDCounseling.org)

As a practicing LCPC pastoral counselor in Baltimore County, it is my pleasure to provide services to the community with particular attention to the way spirituality and religious beliefs may be interconnected with the presenting problem.  My expertise in anger has resulted in a wide range of clients who are interested in learning how to engage in this emotion effectively.  I am also a State approved supervisor and Associate Professor counselor educator in the graduate program at Messiah College in Mechanicsberg, PA. 

As MASERVIC president, it is my hope to provide support and encouragement to counselors and students who struggle with conflicting counselor-client values.  It can feel impossible to bracket beliefs and values that are at the core of who we are as spiritual beings and I believe that appropriate validation, affirmation, and alignment with universal themes can help us to embrace our own identity without imposing values onto the client. 

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