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Mission Statement

SAIGE-MD's mission is to enhance the quality of life in the state of Maryland by promoting the development of professional counselors, advancing the counseling profession, and using the profession and practice of counseling to promote respect for human dignity and diversity. 

SAIGE-MD's Executive Board

President: Brenda Dorsch

President Elect: VACANT
Immediate Past-President: Call Trevenen

SAIGE-MD is a division of the Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities for professional counselors and counselors-in-training who support our mission and wish to learn more about the work that we are doing.

SAIGE-MD provides counselors, counselor educators, and counselors-in-training opportunities to network,  participate in professional development and continuing education activities, to undertake leadership roles!

We are working to continue building this division through offering additional resources, programs, and opportunities for members. We encourage you to join now and contact us today about your interest in participating in this grassroots effort to further the cause of SAIGE-MD.

SAIGE-MD represents the diverse needs of the community in reference to sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersectionality. We stand united in love and acceptance.


SAIGE-MD Spring Conference 2022


2nd Annual SAIGE - MD 2020 Virtual Symposium: Holding Space for Gender Diversity - Saturday, November 14, 2020

Click the links below to experience this educational and inspiring event!

 Links to Symposium EventsPresenter(s) 
 Opening Ceremonies Dr. Veronica M. Wanzer, LCPC
 Keynote Speaker Debra Dunn
 Spotlight Speaker Monica Stevens
 Intro to Affirmative Care Lia Bostian & Call Trevenen
 Violence Doesn't Discriminate: Assessing for Intimate Partner Violence in   LGBTQ+ Clients Jordan Pearce
 Exploring Spirituality and Transgender Experiences In-Session Through Drumming Monica Stevens & Brenda Dorsch
 Lessons Learned from Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth Michelle Saltis
 Healing Ambiguous Loss Maria Giuliana
 Top Surgery: An Experiential Perspective Call Trevenen
 Ethics and Advocacy: Working with Homeless LGBTQ Clients Latonia & M. Nickelson Battle
 Queer Sex Therapy

 Sarah Stillwell, Beck Munsey, &

Danielle McGarrh

 Writing Letters for Gender Affirmation Lia Bostian & Brenda Dorsch

Maryland Counseling Association

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