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MCA Officers for 2021-2022

President:  Dr. Sara Pula (President@MDCounseling.org)

Executive Director: Catherine Eaton (Exec@MDCounseling.org)

Past President:   Dr. Carol ZA McGinnis(PPresident@MDCounseling.org)

President-Elect:  Pat Dudley (PElect@MDCounseling.org)

Secretary: Danielle LaSure Bryant (Secretary@MDCounseling.org)

Secretary-elect: Leslie Holley (Secretaryelect@mdcounseling.org)

Treasurer: Irene Burks (Treasurer@MDCounseling.org)

Treasurer-elect: Dr. Rebekah Cole (Treaselect@mdcounseling.org)

Member-at-large: OPEN (MemberAL@MDCounseling.org)

  Dr. Ajita Robinson, President


For Membership questions contact membership@mdcounseling.org and for Registration questions, contact events@mdcounseling.org

For more contact information, click "Members" --> "Member Directory"

Committee Chairs/Assistant Chairs:

Advocacy Chair (2021-22): Roni White (Advocacy@MDCounseling.org)

Archives Chair: Dr. Mala Hosmane (Archives@MDCounseling.org)

Awards Chair:  Dr. Glenda Dickonson (awards@mdcounseling.org)

Bylaws Chair: OPEN (Bylaws@MDCounseling.org)

Conference Program Co-Chairs (2021-22): Dr. Cheryl Fisher and Dr. Donnette Deigh (Conference@MDCounseling.org)

Credential Chair: Dr. Maya Georgieva (Credentialing@MDCounseling.org)

Event Registrar (2021-22): Cathie Eaton (Exec@MDCounseling.org)

Emerging Leader Chair:  Dr. Marja Humphrey (Elchair@mdcounseling.org)

Human Rights Chair: Michael McGee (Humanrights@mdcounseling.org)

Membership Chair: Dr. Atiya Smith (Membership@MDCounseling.org)

Newsletter Chair (2021-22): Michelle Schoonmaker (Newsletter@MDCounseling.org)

Professional Networking President's Task Force Chair:  MaryBeth Heather (networking@mdcounseling.org)

Public Relations Chairs (2021-22): Annyck Hamez (Public.Relations@MDCounseling.org)

Virtual Assistant (2021-22): Echo Salisbury (Website@MDCounseling.org)

Division Presidents:

(MACES) MD Association Counselor Education & Supervision: Marybeth Heather   (MACES@MDCounseling.org)

(MAMCFC) MD Association of Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling: Deborah Allen (MAMCFC@MDCounseling.org)

(MAMCD) MD Association Multicultural Counseling & Development: Dr. Ricardo Phipps  (MAMCD@MDCounseling.org)

(MASERVIC) MD Association of Spiritual, Ethical, & Religious Values In Counseling: Marilyn Spenadel (MASERVIC@MDCounseling.org)

(MCDA) MD Career Development Association: Natasha OrtizFortier (MCDA@MDCounseling.org)

(MCSJ) MD Counselors for Social Justice: Dr. Kizzy Pittrell (MCSJ@MDCounseling.org)

(MSCA) MD School Counseling Association Liaison: OPEN (MSCA@mdcounseling.org)

(SAIGE-MD) MD Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities (formerly MALGBTIC-MD Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues in Counseling) Call Trevenen (SAIGEMD@MDCounseling.org)

MCA LCPCM Liaison: Danielle LaSure-Bryant (LCPCM@MDCounseling.org)

Please let us know how we can serve you better.


Mailing Address:

915 Russell Ave, Suite B
Gaithersburg, MD 20879



Maryland Counseling Association

915 Russell Ave, Suite B Gaithersburg, MD 20879



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